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The Genealogy Photograph Exchange!

Family Photos are you related too???

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Here's some photo's from the family album with unknown  people  in the pics. Can you name the unknowns?? tell us more about them? are they your relatives?

All unknown! do you know who they are??
This photo was taken in Armley , Leeds in the 1920's.I would love to know who they are.

Arnold Mortimer of Acaster Selby , West Yorkshire
No relation of mine but do you recognise the face?

Does anyone recognise this woman? she was national president of the womens co-operative guild 1944

only clue is the name nelly written on the back
Again another unidentified person from the family album. who is she ?? where is she in the photo??

Bournemouth july 1931. Frances ??? who is she??
No idea who this girl is the details I do know were written on the back of the photo.

Names possibly Annie and Gwen
The photo was supposedly taken in Blackpool.I'm unsure if the names are correct.can you help?