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Conrad Gardner b.1856 London taken in New Orleans!
Last info on him is when he jumped ship in mexico aged 18 When was this taken? what happened to him?

Couple from Buckinghamshire
Related some how to Baker family of North Marston but how??? can you help?

The Genealogy Photograph Exchange!

your unknown faces!

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The Photos on this page were all sent in by you!! take a look! recognise anyone elses unidentified faces?

Old Army Photo Strensall Barracks early 1900s
William Wilson is first on the left as you look at it in the long coat, can you name the others?

Any help would be gratefully recieved!!
a variety of cotumes shown in this photo but can you name the people in them?

A mothers meeting out to Aldermaston from Reading
Lady in the front row , smart costume , hat with white flower is Harriet Moore who are the others???

Grace Gutherless aged approx 6 at a school in york
We dont know which of the girls is grace do you? may be burton stone lane school in york

Possibly some kind of band outside a pub.
can you help? a similar photo is believed to of been seen in the york evening press.