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unfortunately thats all i know about him so far can any one help??

Mystery Shop found in a familyphoto collection
where was this shop? who owned this shop? some connection to the couchman name as far as we know

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More of the Photographs you sent me!!
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More photographs you sent me! recognise anyone? know the story behind one of these photos? Get in touch and i'll pass you on to the photos owner!

Harry Moore a merchant marine!
Harry drowned at sea! on the back of the photo it says taken 'in foreign parts' any help??

Lucy Hill taken in 1922 Newcastle Upon Tyne
We know who this is but are lookin for relations to this woman , any help ??

Ann Eliza (Annie) Mott nee Wood born 1885
Jubilee Celebrations, Canning Town , May 1935. Who are the other women??

1930s in Burslem Stoke on Trent.
Woman in white is Rae Roberts, behind her are her parents Richard Roberts and Ethel Pointon.