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Another pretty little girl but whats her name?
is this lucy again? i wasnt sure and the email didnt specify can you help?

Lucy Hill 1900 Newcastle upon Tyne
Recognise her as a member of your family too?

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More of your photographs pt2
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Not a clue who he is! taken in Wantage
photo owners family came from west hendred nr Wantage could be a Aldworth or a Shepherd, any ideas?

old class pic! bit blurry sorry!!!!
can you name them all???

Pretty much unknown any suggestions??
Believed to be a member of the Wragg family! (As in the famous Jockeys!)

1900 in Suffolk,could be Long Melford
no idea who they are can anyone help name those faces?

awww cute arent they but who are they??
I believe the girl is the lucy shown on the other page but whos the little boy??

Photo dated 1912 : Edwin and Family
Edwin (7) with Rosanna bennett ( 48) and Enoch leech his parents , but who are the others?