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Sent to owners Welsh GrtGrandmother
Addressing her as Auntie Jemima , but who are they? and how do they fit in with her family?

Sent to the owners Grandmother
sometime before1917 , but who is he? and how is he related?

The Genealogy Photograph Exchange!
More unknown pics!
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Henry Elliott is on the right in a suit.
Who is the man in uniform?? taken in Clerkenwell

Little boy with the curly hair is Ronald Elliot!
Who is he with? taken in Clerkenwell

Unknown lady any suggestions as to who she is??
It is believed it was probably taken at the coast near to London, Southend or Brighton/Bognor area

Henry Elliot again on the right in a suit!
dadandwho 2.jpg
Who is the man in the hat? Taken in Clerkenwell.

Elizabeth (Dolly) Baker. Taken in Clerkenwell
but who is this mystery man??

Annie Leech (walker) with Edwin Leech her husband!
We are unsure if the other 2 men are annies brothers, can you help?