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The Genealogy Photograph Exchange!
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Welcome Modern

Hiya , me and my gran (from west yorkshire, England) were both  tracing our family trees when my gran came across aload of old photographs half of the people she didn't recognise but knew they were of some sort of relation!. I'd read about American sites where you could post up old photographs onto the web in the hope that some one out there would see the site and identify the people in the photo. When looking for a Uk version of a similar kind suprisingly enough i found nothing!!!! ( why do the americans have everything? ) my gran suggested jokingly i should make my own. Never one to turn down a challenge i did just that.At the moment its pretty pathetic even if i do say so myself its a tripod hosted site so as you can imagine theres limited space BUT the more input i get the more demand there'll be for me to get more space. I'm hoping i can get interest in my site and the idea will take off!. 
please send me ANY old photos (you all know you've got them!!) they 'll  be happily recieved as will any help or ideas for the site.Feel free to get in touch with us  through this website.


Thanks for taking a look at my photo's please get intouch with photos of you own! or if you can solve the mystery and identify some of the people in these photographs.